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How to identify skin types

When it comes to makeup application it’s not always about choosing the right shades for eye colour and lips… choosing the right products for different skin types is vital!

Prior to applying any makeup, it is essential to know about the skin itself.

After all, you don’t want to make oily skin look even shinier… or aggravate sensitive skin by using the wrong cosmetics and products.

Here are some tricks of the trade that some of the best makeup artists use once they have identified their client’s skin type, in order to know which products to use, and which ones NOT to use.

NORMAL – People with a normal complexion have the ideal skin type. The skin is not too oily or dry, and it appears smooth, clear and healthy. Normal skin has a nice balance of moisture and oil, with good elasticity. The pores are minimally visible, and the skin has an even tone.

DRY – Dry skin does not retain enough moisture, which makes it more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. A lack of oil makes the skin flaky and fragile and reduces its ability to act as a protective barrier. As a result, the skin is much more susceptible to the effects of external elements such as pollution, UV radiation and extreme weather.

OILY – Some people have oily skin, particularly during adolescence. The skin has large pores and produces too much oil, which gives it a greasy, shiny appearance. People with an oily complexion tend to develop lots of blemishes, pimples and blackheads, and the skin looks plump because dead cells do not shed as quickly.

COMBINATION – People with a combination skin type have both dry and oily areas. The skin is usually most oily in the T-zone, the forehead, nose and chin with dry patches on the cheeks and around the eyes. Combination skin can be difficult to manage because the various areas of the skin require different treatment.

SENSITIVE – This skin type is the most fragile. People with sensitive skin tend to burn easily, and the skin is prone to irritation and redness.

Naturally beautiful: Less is more

Seems trends in the makeup world have gone full swing over the last couple of years. Noticeable, this year we have seen a big upswing in the ‘less is more’ look. Girls opting for the more au naturel approach, rather than layering their look. This seems a far cry from the countless requests for ‘highlighting’ and ‘contouring’ we were getting just months ago, thanks to Kim Kardashian. Sure, contouring still has its place in the makeup world, but here at the Celcius Academy we can confidently say that the next ‘big’ trend when it comes to makeup is quite literally ‘less is more’. Think natural (barely there) foundations highlighted with soft shades of pinks, corals and browns. To pull off a flawless look like this, it requires meticulous makeup application skills and gentle brush strokes. The end result is fresh-faced with a youthful glow.

10 bridal trends from the runway

Every year we keep our eyes peeled to see what new makeup looks made it down the runway.

By our reports, here is a list of the top 10 makeup trends that will be high-in demand this wedding season…

  1. Fresh pink lips
  2. Subtle smoky eyes
  3. Fresh flowers (either pinned to the hair or woven through dainty crowns)
  4. Fresh faced and oh-so matte
  5. Clean, dewy skin (back to basics)
  6. Strong brows is a must
  7. Glossy lips for that beautiful luminous look
  8. Brown eye shadow (keeping in check with the natural look)
  9. Simple yet polished
  10. Soft corals are back