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Naturally beautiful: Less is more

Seems trends in the makeup world have gone full swing over the last couple of years. Noticeable, this year we have seen a big upswing in the ‘less is more’ look. Girls opting for the more au naturel approach, rather than layering their look. This seems a far cry from the countless requests for ‘highlighting’ and ‘contouring’ we were getting just months ago, thanks to Kim Kardashian. Sure, contouring still has its place in the makeup world, but here at the Celcius Academy we can confidently say that the next ‘big’ trend when it comes to makeup is quite literally ‘less is more’. Think natural (barely there) foundations highlighted with soft shades of pinks, corals and browns. To pull off a flawless look like this, it requires meticulous makeup application skills and gentle brush strokes. The end result is fresh-faced with a youthful glow.

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